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Carlson Racing


Carlson Racing started out pretty low key in the fall of 1997. In the beginning, the only real intention was to ensure that Arctic Cat would finish first at any local or regional race, and that our customers would have the "bragging rights" that an Arctic Cat snowmobile was the only brand to own. Early success kind of hooked us, and pretty soon this casual weekend activity turned into a full blown obsession. The local competition was good, but we wanted to see how we stacked up against bigger teams from all over. As the distance for each race increased, the level of competition got better, and the victories kept coming. The obsession grew. How good could we really be? How about "multiple" World Series of Ice drag championships and a very impressive record against the best of the best!


In order to be successful on the race track, you have to know the product inside out. Although trail riding the new Cats every year has helped us stay right on top of all the technology (and provide lots of fun), what is learned through all the hours of testing and racing machines all winter would never be duplicated any other way. The difference between a first and last place finish is measured in "tenths" of a second. Race winners must have the perfect combination of clutching, gearing, suspension set up, and an engine that is running better than 100%. Gremlins, problems, disasters at the worst possible time? Yup. Almost any issue you could possibly have with your snowmobile has been encountered by our race team.

Whether you are a high mileage touring rider, a ditch banging sno-cross trail rider, someone who prefers blasting through powder, or a casual person who just goes to the ice shack, our experiences will result in helping you enjoy your ride like no other dealer. We are proud of our accomplishments, but even more proud to represent you. Thanks!