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Why Buy from Carlson


Why Buy from Carlson's?

We are one of Ontario's largest dealers offering a wide range of quality recreational vehicles. We are a family owned and operated dealership that has been operating in North Bay since 1971.

Do you love fun, family and the great outdoors? US TOO! Before being technicians and consultants, we are snowmobilers, motorcycle riders, hunters, fishermen, campers, adventurers and ATV mud-hounds. That is why we understand our customers so well. Our day to day goals are to inspire you, to facilitate your recreation, business and commerce, and to help you be where you want to be.

The process of buying an RV, cargo trailer, ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile should be a fun experience, not difficult or stressful. Carlson Sports RV has a knowledgeable team that genuinely cares about helping fellow enthusiasts, and you'll find that it makes a difference. We have taken the time to source ideal manufacturers so that we can offer you the best products, good workmanship, reliable quality, functional design and attractive prices. Our team is well-trained and committed to assist you in finding the right unit; come experience the Carlson difference!

We understand that you may not know exactly what you're looking for, but you do know what you want to be doing - touring, camping, hauling tools and materials, towing, shredding mud holes or blasting over the frozen snow - At Carlson Sports we'll listen to you and help you find the perfect RV, ATV, motorcycle, cargo trailer or snowmobile.

Carlson Sports offers wholesale prices on all models of their recreational toys, so you're sure to find the best deal. And to avoid any anxiety or undue sales pressure, our team has posted the price on each unit. No stress, everything is clear from the beginning, and you can truly make the best decision with the help of our staff!

PEOPLE: They are our best strength. Our team is the corporate intelligence and identity of the company. At Carlson Sports we believe in relationships; we emphasize courtesy and product knowledge. If we can't answer all of your questions immediately, we'll find the right solution for you. We prefer to give the right answer within a short delay rather than be too quick with a wrong answer. At Carlson's, you won't find a salesperson, you'll find a friend who will listen to you, care for your, and above all, be genuine and honest with you.

PRODUCTS: We had time to look at every manufacturer, every brand, and every product. We took the time to do it because they reflect us; so we want them strong, durable, functional, convenient, and trustworthy. To ensure that your purchase will meet your expectations, our technicians can spend over 8 hours on each unit to double-check quality and safety prior to delivery.

PERFORMANCE: This is the key that brings everything together. We will perform only if our PEOPLE and PRODUCTS perform. We believe we should always strive for improvement, and work hard to increase our performance... because you deserve it.

It is our mission to provide high quality products and exceptional service to make your recreational experience an enjoyable one. We invite you to come and see for yourself why we are one of Ontario's premier dealerships.